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BP-48C Pressure Transducer Simulator.

Price: $240.00
Simulates 5 and 40 uV transducers at 23 pressures from -300 to +300 mm Hg.
Click here to configure a Cable to connect the BP-48C Simulator to a Pressure Monitor.

Selected Information:
  • Setup     • Demonstrate     • Troubleshoot
  • Simulates 23 calibrated levels from -300 to +300 mmHg.
  • Accurate within 0.1% of setting +/-0.5 mmHg.
  • Simulate 5 and 40 microvolt pressure transducers.
  • Cables are available to connect the Transducer Simulator to most pressure monitors, amplifiers and recording systems.
  • Certificate of Conformance traceable to NIST is available.

    Additional Product Data:
    PDF Download the BP-48C Product Data Sheet


    The BP-48C Pressure Transducer Simulator is used to setup, demonstrate and troubleshoot pressure monitors. When substituted for a pressure transducer and a manometer, it provides stable and accurate levels for setup and testing of the monitor.  It can be used to quickly determine whether measurement problems are caused by the transducer or the monitor.

    The simulator is designed for biomedical engineers, technicians, manufacturers and service organizations. It is also useful for training nursing and other health care professionals in the correct setup and operation of pressure monitors, and in the steps required to identify defective transducers.

    The BP-48C contains a precision, thermally stable, bridge that simulates the electrical characteristics of pressure transducers and provides 23 pressure levels from -300 to +300 mmHg.

    Fogg System Company provides Cables for connecting the BP-48C to over 500 models of pressure monitors, amplifiers, and recording systems.

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