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Cable Product Considerations

Cable Products are made to order, are non-cancellable and non-returnable unless there is an approved Warranty claim.


Many connectors look remarkably similar, but ARE NOT NECESSARILY INTERCHANGEABLE.  Even identical connectors may be wired differently when used in different applications.  Do not rely on connector images alone when configuring cables.  Rather, select the Manufacturer and Model of your Transducer / Monitor first, and use the images as a secondary aid in the process.


Connector and Cable images (photographs, line art, etc.) appearing on are provided to aid users in the identification of Transducers and Monitors in the process of configuring cable products.  These images may not necessarily represent the actual connectors, cable material, or colors used in finished cable products shipped to customers.


Assembled Cable lengths appearing on are nominal overall lengths.  Overall length tolerance ranges from +/- 3 inches to +/- 6 inches depending on the length and application.  Please Contact Us if you have specific requirements not met by these tolerances.

Customers are responsible for determining the suitability of Special Length Cables prior to ordering.